Perfect Peppermint​​​​​​​ (80g Whole Leaf Tea) | 059967

Perfect Peppermint​​​​​​​ (80g Whole Leaf Tea) | 059967

English Tea Shop - Premium Whole Leaf Tea

80g Whole Leaf Tea

As fans of Mother Nature, we’ve made this tea pack fully compostable. The outer packaging is inspired by the famous origami style and the transparent inner pouch is made of GMO free cellulose fiber for composting. The wooden spoon not only complements you to make the perfect brew but also ensures the freshness of tea by being a bag tightener.


059967 - Perfect Peppermint

Ingredients: Organic peppermint* (70%), organic spearmint* (30%)


All the above blends are certified ORGANIC (EU, JAS, USDA) and NON-GMO certified



These blends (and ingredients marked with*) are Fairtrade